We look after the technology so you can focus on content.

LifeLens was created by people who recognize how important it is to be connected when distance gets in the way.

We connect you to your audience with a high quality viewing experience regardless of how many people are watching, or where they are watching from.

Our collective experience of several decades has taught us many things about how to run a unique company like LifeLens. Our culture celebrates innovation, high performance and when called for, unconventional thinking. Prevailing over everything is our unwavering commitment to deliver value.


Our Team


Lynn Cappon

President and Chief Executive Officer Founder

Lynn has a rich background in developing technological solutions that address human needs. Her solutions are based on a foundation of relationship building, along with her natural desire to share knowledge. As a programmer, teacher and manager, Lynn is a natural leader for a progressive company like LifeLens. These qualities, combined with her extensive background in the international video industry, position her well to take LifeLens from start-up to a thriving global operation. Lynn’s leadership approach is progressive – always encouraging her team to explore new approaches in solving client problems and uncovering new opportunities. Lynn is a graduate of Mount Royal University and a college certified web designer.



Kelly E. Parke

Chief Innovation Officer

Kelly has been a creative and technical innovation consultant for more than 30 years. In his design consultancy, he has advised various groups and governments on creative strategies and projects. Projects that have ranged from fan experience design in the NFL with the New York Giants and Jets to strategy for the future of the Canadian healthcare system, affordable housing and economically surviving global warming. He is a course director teaching multiple MBA innovation courses. At conferences, he has presented on the topics of technology and creativity to international audiences for the past 20 years. He currently leads a design team that researches how to apply artificial intelligence.