Video Hosting

  • What is Video Hosting?

    A dedicated computer network specifically designed for storing, organizing and playing back video.

  • Why Do I Need Video Hosting?

    By their very nature, video files are huge and that means it’s impractical to store them on your website’s computer. Just one short video could very well exceed the storage limit for your whole website.

    The size of video files brings along another major challenge. Video playback requires a lot of bandwidth. Think of bandwidth as the number of lanes on a highway, along with the speed limit of the highway.

    Your website’s hosting company has engineered their bandwidth for comparatively few files moving along the “highway”. Equally important, these files moving along the highway are tiny – meaning they take up very little space on the highway. Sending a giant video file out on this highway would very likely create a traffic jam. Not only would the video not play properly, all those other small vehicles (files) may have trouble getting through.

  • Why Doesn't the Company I Have My Website With Just Build More Storage and Bandwidth?

    It’s a question of scale. Their business and operational model is predicated on having to store and deliver a small number of very small files. This is ideal for hosting and delivering a website but completely unsuitable for video.

  • How Does Video Hosting Solve These Problems?

    LifeLens uses network technology ideally suited for speedy delivery of large files. Think of LifeLens Video Hosting as having the speed of the fastest Porsche on a 1,000 lane open highway. We call networks like this Content Delivery Networks (CDN for short) because they’re engineered to deliver, in our case, video quickly and reliably without causing any traffic jams.

    The world’s best known video hosting network is YouTube. It’s free. It performs very well, but it has some key drawbacks for businesses and other brand sensitive organizations. We talk about that in our description of our LifeLens Video Hosting service.

  • Okay, What's the Catch?

    Simply put, YouTube is free. LifeLens Video Hosting isn’t. Hosting a video on LifeLens is about the cost of a Starbucks coffee every month. We think it’s a bargain when you consider how the intrinsic value of your content will go up. You also have full control of the viewing environment and experience.

    Your brand and your viewers will thank you for choosing LifeLens Video Hosting.