How to get the most out of LifeLens video services.

Two Gold Wedding Bands

Livestreaming Weddings

Video is a powerful way of transcending time, yet it’s also a great way of overcoming distance. And bridging distance is what LifeLens is all about. Stream Your Client’s Wedding to the World With No Strings Attached Traditionally, videographers capture a wedding so their clients can relive that special day in the years to come. […]

Technical Consulting Video Technology

Technical Consulting Services

LifeLens Technical Consulting Services offer design and deployment expertise for clients wanting to build out content routing and distribution networks. This may be for production facilities, links from remote locations, mobile facilities or a combination. LifeLens Technical Consulting Services leverage our decades of experience in: Wireless Network Engineering (Radio Frequency and Microwave) IP Network Design […]


Funeral Home New Revenue

A Common Problem A person passes away yet many close friends and family are either too unwell or living too far away to attend the funeral. Are your prospective clients or their friends and relatives missing out on your home’s services? At LifeLens we have a solution and with it come new opportunities to grow […]