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Live streaming is a powerful tool in bringing everyone into a shared experience, regardless of where they are.

Whether it’s an audience of ten people in the same city, or thousands spread throughout the world, LifeLens delivers a consistent, high quality viewing experience.

LifeLens live streaming services also offer flexibility. Every application, every event has its unique challenges and opportunities. At LifeLens we adapt to deliver your audience the most intimate viewing experience possible, while at the same time being respectful of the needs of those attending in person.

Simple High Performance Playback

LifeLens customizes the viewing experience to meet the needs of your event. Typically, our white labeled video player is embedded on the page of your website where you’d like your viewers to gather. It is also possible to deliver the stream to multiple websites including a dedicated channel on LifeLens Vu – our free streaming platform.

For the viewer, playback is a simple click or tap regardless of whether they are using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Resolution and quality is automatically optimized to suit the device being viewed.

Live Streaming Enhanced Features

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  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Subscription Form
Live Streaming Video Packages


Directly connect to the LifeLens streaming network. For multimedia equipped learning and event facilities, and places of worship. Ideal for vloggers and podcasters who want to take their content live.

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Live streaming for locations where wired Internet access isn’t available. Untethered camera operation allows for freedom of movement for the videographer.

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One small, discreet camera permanently installed in your location. Live stream activated on your request. Superb optics, along with camera agility, convey the emotion of the event.

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