Your Video Viewed on Your Terms

With LifeLens Video Hosting, your viewer’s attention remains solely on your content and your brand. No surprise ad insertions and no having to share screen real estate with a free hosting service’s branding or your competitor’s content. Features include:

  • Predictable Playback: No Advertising or Other Embarrassing Surprises
  • Customizable Player Controls and Playlists
  • Optional Captioning
  • Video on Demand Option For Revenue Generation on Premium Content
  • Comprehensive Viewer Behavior Analytics
  • Less than $5.00 a Month Per Video (up to an hour in length each)

Simple Adaptive Playback

We embed your video content on the websites of your choice. Playback is also possible on a dedicated LifeLens channel either in addition to, or instead of your own websites.

Either way playback for your viewers is a simple click or tap on their smartphone, tablet, computer or smart TV. Resolution and quality is automatically optimized for the device being watched.

Enhanced Features

LifeLens can enhance viewer engagement by incorporating interactivity including:

  • Chat Group
  • Forum
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Subscription Form

For more on the advantages of LifeLens hosting, check out our article, LifeLens Hosting is Good For Business.

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