With our Live Streaming and Video Hosting platforms as your foundation, LifeLens offers a comprehensive, flexible paywall environment supporting:

  • Pay Per View (Live Events)
  • Video on Demand (Recorded Content)

Live or pre-recorded, single event or series, the LifeLens Content Monetezation Platform will meet all your objectives.

You’ll love our paywall’s features and flexibility. Your viewers will love the simplicity in buying a ticket for the event.

Powerful Marketing Tools

The content marketing capabilities of the platform allow you to customize promotion and pricing of every event to ensure you meet your sales objectives.

Greater ambitions? LifeLens will work with you to build your own paid content channel. More ambitious? We’ll work with you to build the channels you need to support multiple events and series.

LifeLens ensures the quality of the viewer experience is best-in-class from the time they purchase their ticket, to the final seconds of viewing the event.

Global Reach With Optional Geo-Restrictions

By default, the LifeLens network provides global reach. However, if your event or series needs to be geo-restricted, our paywall can be configured to meet your requirements.

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