At LifeLens we’re dedicated to delivering today’s state of art while also keeping a keen eye on what’s on the horizon.

One technology we believe will revolutionize video is High Dynamic Range (HDR). Completely absent of the gimmickry of recent technologies (such as 3D), HDR promises to deliver lifelike images through darker darks and lighter lights, and by virtue of that, finer increments of detail between those extremes. Hand in hand with HDR is a wider colour gamut, further improving image detail and nuance. The HDR viewing experience is best characterized as being more organic.

While virtually any video resolution can benefit from HDR, it is the migration to 4K displays that is enabling the eventual broad adoption of HDR standards along with the establishment of best HDR production practices.

In this video, Jack Holm of Tarkus Imaging gives an excellent description of HDR’s potential, along with the hurdles that need to be cleared before we arrive.


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