Tim is CTO at LifeLens.

Business Woman Considering White Label

White Label Streaming Services As a Strategic Choice

Big Tech or White Label? At LifeLens, we have an unwavering commitment to white-label all of our services. Our clients appreciate it, and we know their viewers do too! White label is just one of the many things that makes us different. “A white label product is manufactured by one company and packaged and sold […]

Professional Camcorder Gathering Local News

A Lifeline For Local News

Could the digitization of media actually hold the solution for local news coverage? At LifeLens, we think it’s possible. A Costly Legacy Model We believe traditional local news operations aren’t sufficiently scalable to efficiently deliver the quality and depth of news viewers and readers once enjoyed. Constrained by the rigid cost structures and shrinking revenues […]

Jack Holm of Tarkus Imaging

Deep Dive Into High Dynamic Range

At LifeLens we’re dedicated to delivering today’s state of art while also keeping a keen eye on what’s on the horizon. One technology we believe will revolutionize video is High Dynamic Range (HDR). Completely absent of the gimmickry of recent technologies (such as 3D), HDR promises to deliver lifelike images through darker darks and lighter […]

Tablet Video Hosting YouTube

LifeLens Hosting Is Good For Business

The Cost of Free If you’re like many businesses, you use a free hosting service like YouTube to share your video content. It’s simple, the price is right, and done right, it can be effective in driving viewers back to your website. Once visitors are on your website, your digital marketing strategy takes over. That […]

Two Gold Wedding Bands

Livestreaming Weddings

Video is a powerful way of transcending time, yet it’s also a great way of overcoming distance. And bridging distance is what LifeLens is all about. Stream Your Client’s Wedding to the World With No Strings Attached Traditionally, videographers capture a wedding so their clients can relive that special day in the years to come. […]


Funeral Home New Revenue

A Common Problem A person passes away yet many close friends and family are either too unwell or living too far away to attend the funeral. Are your prospective clients or their friends and relatives missing out on your home’s services? At LifeLens we have a solution and with it come new opportunities to grow […]