The Cost of Free

If you’re like many businesses, you use a free hosting service like YouTube to share your video content. It’s simple, the price is right, and done right, it can be effective in driving viewers back to your website.

Once visitors are on your website, your digital marketing strategy takes over. That may include embedding those same videos hosted on YouTube on your own site.

We think it’s important to look at the risks with this approach.

Illustration of Tablet Playing YouTube

Brand Dilution

You’re now bringing the YouTube brand into your business’ sacred space – its website. In fact, visitors can even inadvertently click back to YouTube while watching the video on your site. Once off your site, it can be hard to get those viewers back.

Why Promote the Ads of Other Businesses?

It’s also possible that YouTube will insert advertising from a third party before or during your video. The essence and continuity of your message can be lost in the confusion. Also, while YouTube takes measures to avoid running ads that directly conflict with your business, there are no guarantees.

At LifeLens we believe the viewing experience for your prospects and clients isn’t ideal this way – so much so that it may negate the attractiveness of not paying for hosting on YouTube.

We’re definitely not saying, “Don’t use YouTube”. Again, YouTube may be a critical piece of your strategy in attracting visitors back to you website. What we are saying is that embedding YouTube hosted videos on your website leads to a negative viewer experience.

Instead, the LifeLens white labelled hosting approach gives you full control of the viewing experience on your website. No more co-branding with YouTube, and no more ad insertions. No more surprises.

Trapped in a Walled Garden

Social networks like Facebook can be effective in delivering your content to your target audience. That said, when you use this approach your content and your brand not only play within the confines of the social network’s ecosystem, you’re also constrained by having your brand in a subordinate position to the social network’s brand.

Again, placing live or recorded video content on a social network could be an integral part of your marketing strategy. At LifeLens we want you to also have the choice of having complete control of the viewing experience on your own website.

The Cost Benefit

For less than $5.00 a month per video (each video up to an hour in length), LifeLens will host your video in HD. We’ll customize the playback environment to reflect your brand’s colour scheme and enable playback features as you wish. We also offer the option to deliver analytics so you can be sure your marketing goals are being met.

White labeled video hosting from LifeLens. It’s great for business.