Live streaming for locations where wired Internet isn’t available. The ultimate in freedom of movement.

Developed For the Videographer

For most videographers, configuring a white labeled live stream is outside their core competence, and in most cases, they prefer it stay that way.

That’s why we created LifeLens MOBILE. Developed for videographers working on-location with limited or no wired broadband access, LifeLens MOBILE is a set of advanced wireless solutions that allow you to use your own gear to deliver a live stream.

With the LifeLens network, your stream is delivered live to virtually anyone anywhere on their smartphone, tablet or computer. And we keep it white labeled so that your brand (or your client’s brand) is front and centre.

Your clients will love the fact that LifeLens MOBILE operates reliably in the vast majority of urban and rural locations. And whether it’s an audience of a few people from out of town, or tens of thousands spread around the globe, every viewer is treated to the same great video quality.

Using LifeLens MOBILE

Our starter configuration consists of a streaming encoder – a small box slightly larger than a deck of cards. It mounts on the cold shoe of your camcorder. We then route the clean output from your camcorder to the encoder. The encoder then delivers the video and audio to two small pocket sized wireless transceivers.

These small, lightweight devices give you the ultimate in mobility. No unwieldy cables running along the floor where you need to worry about someone tripping. With LifeLens MOBILE you have the powerful combination of creative freedom married with global reach. And all this from virtually any location.

Please Note: LifeLens recommends that one of our technicians make a site visit prior to the event to ensure our starter configuration will suffice at that location.

Multi-Camera Support

LifeLens MOBILE can interface with most video switchers and audio mixing equipment. Just contact us and we’ll work through the details.

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