A small camera permanently installed at your venue. Agile remote controls and stunning optics.
Live stream when you want to.

Dynamic Productions From a Single Camera

LifeLens ON REQUEST is designed for venues where events:

  1. Occur frequently.
  2. Are always held in the same area of the venue.
  3. Only have minor variations in staging.
  4. Are comparatively low in production complexity.
  5. Are not conducive to a video crew being in or around the performance area.

LifeLens ON REQUEST is ideal for the single presenter at fixed podium, yet it’s also great for soloists or small music groups performing in an intimate club setting.

Programmable Remote Control

It all starts with the installation of a small camera in the performance or presentation area. Via remote control, programmable presets, or a combination of both, this camera is capable of instantaneously:

  • Panning (left-to-right)
  • Tilting (up and down)
  • Zooming (in-close and pull-back)

These simple controls, combined with exceptional optical performance, offer flexibility and versatility, resulting in an intimate live stream production. In fact, most live television news broadcasts use this technology to capture their talent at the anchor desk. Suitable events include performances by small musical groups, fitness classes, memorials and speeches. Benefits include:

  • A single low profile camera affixed to a wall or ceiling
  • Discreet appearance and operation
  • Permanently installed for repeated use
  • No “tear-down” after each event
  • No crew in the event area
  • Superb video quality
  • Exceptionally agile camera operation negating the need for other camera angles

Option For Unattended Operation

LifeLens offers an option where our production team control the camera from our studios. This eliminates the need to dedicate a person employed by the venue to operate the camera.

Please Note: Your location must have wired Internet service providing an upload speed of at least 6.5 Mbps (megabits per second) to support 720p HD video at 30 frames per second.

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