Video is a powerful way of transcending time, yet it’s also a great way of overcoming distance. And bridging distance is what LifeLens is all about.

Stream Your Client’s Wedding to the World With No Strings Attached

Traditionally, videographers capture a wedding so their clients can relive that special day in the years to come. With LifeLens, video can also lend itself to live streaming so that family and friends who can’t attend in person can still experience the magic of the day. Our products for weddings allow for viewing from virtually anywhere, on any device including a smartphone, computer, tablet or smart TV.


Our most popular video streaming product for weddings is wireless – giving the videographer the ability to move freely, unencumbered by cables. Our mobile technology also opens new doors to stream live from venues in remote areas. City wedding or country wedding, the LifeLens mobile product doesn’t discriminate. A typical wedding configuration with our mobile product sees the videographer supplying their own gear – the same gear they’re intimately familiar with. From there, a single connection is made between the camcorder’s HDMI output and our mobile streaming product.

If, on the other hand, your client’s wedding is being held in a video-equipped place of worship, and you’ve arranged to use those facilities, LifeLens can provide a direct connection from there to our global live streaming network.

For the viewer, watching the streamcast couldn’t be easier. It’s a simple matter of clicking or tapping on the image of the bride and groom on the LifeLens Viewing Platform.

Why LifeLens For the Videographer?

  • New revenue opportunities by offering a fresh value-added service
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Every viewer becomes a potential referral
  • A powerful channel to promote your services through the insertion of branding
  • Our other core Services created to support the thriving professional videographer