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Streaming of live and on-demand learning experiences are growing in popularity by the day. It’s convenient for learners where distance is an issue and it’s also a terrific option where the teaching environment has limited space such as in a lab.

LifeLens offers the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to delivery of learning experiences thanks to the power of our streaming platform combined with our Production capabilities. Streams are delivered live making interactivity possible for the remote learner. We also provide a recording of the live stream should you want to offer your learners repeated access to the experience after the fact.

Medical Practitioner Video Streamed on Tablet

Opportunity to Increase Revenue

With the LifeLens Video Monetization paywall, the option is there for you to charge a premium to distance learners. You can also charge a premium for lectures held in limited access areas (such as a laboratory) where in-person attendance is limited. You can easily customize the paywall with different pricing for live and recorded playback. And with the LifeLens paywall, viewer transactions couldn’t be easier.

Respecting the Learning Environment

We have strong relationships with our Systems Integrator partners who specialize in audio-video installation in lecture halls, labs and other sensitive environments. These firms offer turnkey planning, design, engineering and implementation of audio/video facilities.

At every phase great care is taken to ensure disruption to the learning process is kept to a minimum. At conclusion, their exemplary work is evidenced by how difficult it is to tell they were ever there. Our partners are qualified to address any specialized or restrictive video capture capabilities you may require. Where warranted, they may engage LifeLens Technical Consulting Services should multi-building campus connectivity, or any other wide area video routing and distribution be required.

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Directly connect to the LifeLens streaming network. For multimedia equipped learning and event facilities, and places of worship. Ideal for home or office video studios.
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Live streaming for locations where wired Internet access isn’t available. Untethered camera operation allows for freedom of movement for the videographer.
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A small camera permanently installed at your location. Live stream activated on your request. Superb optics, along with camera agility, convey the emotion of the event.

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