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Be it inclement weather, a business trip, students attending school away from home, vacations, illness or mobility challenges, many members of your congregation are missing out on your message. Moreover, in many outlying communities, church attendance is decreasing as younger members of the congregation move away for education and employment opportunities. Sadly, many of these smaller rural churches are no longer able to sustain a full-time pastor even as the needs of older members become greater.

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Reach Everyone In Your Congregation

LifeLens live streaming video services offer places of worship numerous options in reaching their congregation. Our solutions scale well and range in sophistication (and cost) from a single web camera trained on a podium, to configurations with capabilities resembling a full-fledged television studio.

In fact, many of our places of worship clients already have a significant investment in audio and video production equipment. LifeLens leverages the investment, along with the skills of the volunteers who operate the equipment, by sending the in-house experience out on our live streaming network. With live streaming, not only will your local congregants appreciate the connection, but people all around the world will also have the opportunity to view your services.

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LifeLens takes a consultative approach in solution building – collaborating with you and your team in defining what’s possible and what’s appropriate. Many of our places of worship clients take a phased approach, carefully choosing foundational equipment that meets near-term needs while also having an assured upgrade path. As finances permit and viewer demand warrants, those foundational capabilities are built upon.

In addition to streaming your services live, LifeLens also offers video on demand options – allowing those who missed your service to watch it later. Others who originally viewed the service live, also enjoy video on demand for reflection and contemplation.

For special events held outside your place of worship, LifeLens offers mobile products.

Recommended Services


Directly connect to the LifeLens streaming network. For multimedia equipped learning and event facilities, and places of worship. Ideal for home or office video studios.
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Live streaming for locations where wired Internet access isn’t available. Untethered camera operation allows for freedom of movement for the videographer.
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A small camera permanently installed at your location. Live stream activated on your request. Superb optics, along with camera agility, convey the emotion of the event.

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